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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  September 24, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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address to congress. welcome back to mornings on 2. again we want to take you live to washington, d.c. because certainly this is quite the picture this morning with the crowds gathered in the nation's capitol. the pope left the vatican em bassy, greeted many people along the way and he's out there right now. tens of so you ands gathered to watch the -- tens of thousands gathered to watch. we have team coverage including live reports from the nation as capitol. >> we're going to live stream. >> we're going to dip into it had. if you're watching it this morning, we're going to show you parts of the speech, but we're going to live stream the whole thing. take us with you on your phone, tablet. it's thursday, september 24th. >> i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. looking at weather and traffic,
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steve says maybe dress in layers. >> a little warm, but it is going to get hot. never would have said that ten years ago, take us on your phone or tablet. we have a lot of high clouds, so the morning lows are up. but temperatures staying warm to hot once they clear. looks like they will by early morning, are late afternoon. coming up west, southwest, up into the hills mid-70s, big jump compared to 24 hours ago. we had 40s yesterday. that is not the case here today. higher clouds with us, the temperatures in the morning held up by about 5, 10, even about 13 degrees for some. partly sunny, more clouds in the morning, more sun in the afternoon. nice to mild to warm to hot. 70s, 80s by the water, 80s, 90s interior. sal? slow traffic for sure. but we have a couple things out
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there. we're looking now at a commute that starts off with the east bay. you can see at the bay bridge toll plaza, there is slow traffic. there was an accident reported west 80 near grand avenue overcrossing, the 880 overcrossing, grand avenue behind it is kind of a complex of overcrossings. it was in the fast lane. i don't see anything there, but you see a lot of slow traffic. if it is there, it's one of the things that traffic was already slow. looking at 880 in oakland, that traffic seems okay. westbound 580 slow on altamont pass. otherwise good. 880, a little slow down after 238, but that's about it. a little after 9 wo, but for the most part -- 92, but for the most part the beginning of that commute, you still have time to go toward fremont. 6:02. right now the pope is on his
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way to capitol hill, just departed the vatican embassy. crowds out at the mall this morning, tens of thousands of people will watch the pope's address there on jumbo screens outside the capitol. he'll be first to ever address a joint session of congress. at this time yesterday he was gearing up for a visit with president obama at the white house. more than 10,000 people attended that ceremony. in this morning's speech to con, he may expend on things he touched on yesterday, poverty, immigration and climate change. >> i mean, who doesn't want to see the pope? >> climate change is a problem we can no longer be left to our future generation. >> after the speech on capitol hill, the pope will visit a
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charitable center and meet with a group of people who are homeless. here, high schools and colleges are hosting papal watch parties this week, are following the pope's every move. live in moraga at a watch party that's going to start shortly. put they're putting up tables and chairs? >> exactly. this is at st. mary's college. they have set up a life size the cut out of pope francis right outside the door. happening at the mission and ministry center at st. mary's college. we'll give you a look inside. they finished setting up chairs, expecting 30 to 40 people, students and staff, they're calling this pastries with the pope. ask a tv where they're showing a live feed of c span, everything that's going on in washington, d.c. ahead of the pope's historic address. karen mik clen an is the
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director here at st. mary's. and 7:00 is a little early for a college campus, but you obviously felt there was enough interest to warrant a viewing party at this hour. >> sure. by the time they usually get up, are it would have been old news. so when i found out 7:00 was the start time, i did a little test across the campus to see if our students would actually show up and the response was overwhelming. that's why i got up so early this morning. >> this is historic today. the first time a pope ever addresses a joint session of congress. what's the significance of that for yourself and other catholics? >> i heard a quote recently not to overmrit size his visit. that was followed up by expect
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that he will set millions of souls on fire. and that really touched me because that's the impact that -- the real impact that he's making right now. he's changing the tone. he's changing the tone of the church and our conversations and calling us to a different kind of discourse with one another. and also calling us to be more aware, even if we have divisions within the church and with other religious groups. so the tone will be helpful. >> thank you very much, karen, the director of the mission and ministries here. she and fellow catholic students and staff members are hoping to be inspired when they listen to what pope francis has to say later this morning. 6:06. 5-year-old southern california girl whose family is in the u.s.
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illegally is making national headlines for her brief encounter with the cope. sophie tried to slip past the barrier to meet the pontiff. he saw her and kissed her on the check, blessed her. she gave the pope a letter, worried that her parents will be deported. >> know that the immigrants like my daddy, they're hard workers. he works in the factory. >> sophie says she also has a letter for president obama. a los angeles based immigrant rights group chose sophie to approach the pope knowing he has a soft spot for children. we're going to be covering the address to congress. also follow tragic new
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developments from saudi arabia. within the past 15 minutes, authorities there said the death toll now is more than 700 follow a stampede at the annual hajj pill gram aj. more than 160,000 tents are set up there. there has been a stampede and at least 700 people have been killed in a stampede on the way to mecca. police are searching for the driver of a van who is suspected of trying to abduct kids. ktvu's brian flores live in alameda. >> very scary for parents. the attempted abductions took place late last week around the time when kids would be arriving for school.
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now, alameda police say witnesses saw a dark green van just after 8 in the morning last friday. witnesses tell police also that it looked suspicious as the driver slowly went past ruby bridge's elementary school. they also say the van has been seen in the area before. that same day, driver of the van with a similar description pulled up to two students in berkeley. he rolled window down, told them to get into the van twice. they were able to get away and call police. berkeley police say a similar incident happened about the same thing along telegraph and derby street. a female student standing on the sidewalk when a man in a van motioned for her to get in the van. took off when the student's father toob off. berkeley police described the driver at heavy set, hispanic man between 30 and 40 years old, dark hair, mustache and wearing
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a baseball hat. possibly driving nissan quest with rear tinted windows. >> brian flores in alameda. thank you. 6:10. father accused of kidnapping son from san mateo which led to amber alert yesterday morning facing charges including attempted murder. they were found in sacramento county. san mateo sheriff's county department says steel is suspected of badly beating man and woman before taking off with his son. deputies found the victims after responding to a domestic violence call to a home on perin drive early yesterday morning. people taken to the hospital. authorities have not identified them as yet. they also have not given us an update on their conditions. generous donor gave an
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oakland school $25,000 after seeing a ktvu story about thieves who stole bikes and tools from a locked shipping container. students fix the bikes up and give them back to the community. school officials say someone saw our story are from tuesday night and donated the money from the school's website. 6:11. very symbolic step forward for some victims of the valley fire. major evacuation center due to close this morning. but coming up at 6:30, we'll tell you how some of the fire victims are getting help rebuilding their lives. next, a former golden state warrior retires after 14 nba seasons. jason richardson's message that bay area fans. crash on the way to the san mateo bridge. the crash is right before this point on westbound 92. a lot of high clouds over us and it hooks like once they
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clear -- looks like once they clear, temperatures warm up again. our up and down on the temperature trend continues. this time it's up. we'll show you how much. is
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. good morning. live pictures, washington dashgs at 6:14. pope francis, this is his convoy arriving at the united states capitol in washington, d.c.. the pope will be making history
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today. the very first pope to ever address a joint session of congress. obviously that lead car is probably the pope's car. we're waiting to see him get out and walk into the u.s. capitol. the door is opened. waiting to see if the pope is coming out. we'll be following the story throughout the morning. you'll be able to watch the entire speech. here on mornings on 2, we'll be dipping in and out. so you'll be seeing live snippets of what the pope is saying. again this is the pope's convoy arriving at the united states capitol. he'll be going in to address a joint session of congress, making history. and we'll get back to it through the morning on mornings on 2. meantime back here at home, possible third body has been found in a burned out cabin that belonged to a family from benicia. in addition to the two bodies that were found earlier.
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no one has been identified as yet. adam, molly and their seven-year-old son gavin haven't been seen since they went to their cabin in el dorado county. two days later it was destroyed by fire. sheriff's deputies say the incident is being investigated as homicide and arson. >> arrest made in oakland with a burglar last month in fremont where a dog was tricked into eating droek broken glass. he was arrested yesterday. diaz and another man broke into a house in fremont on august 28th, smashing through the back sliding door. as they ran out of the house, police say they stopped to toss food into a pile of glass for the dog that was waiting there. police say the dog has cuts on mouth and other injuries. later today, diaz expected to be in court for the first time. we do not know when the second suspect will be in court.
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time i 6:16. caltrans saying toll payers may be stuck with bill for the steel rods on the eastern span of the bay bridge. according to the chronicle. new statements estimates are stimentsz are between 15 and -- new estimates are between 15 and 25 million. hundreds of the steel rods were exposed to sea water because of poor grouting on their protection sleeves. salt water can rust and corrode those metal rods. former golden state warrior jason richardson retiring from nba. made announcement on instagram and said i'd like to thank the organizations and fans for loyal support the past 14 years. he spent six seasons with the warriors after they drafted him in 2001. was well known for dungz like
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that one, winning back to back slam dunk contests. he cite health and desire to spend more time with his family for his decision to call it quits. it's funny to see the old warrior uniforms there. >> and he's old 34 years old. i love that guy. time is 6:18. i don't know if you're going to like our commute. hey, sal, you're pointing out big problems today. >> that's right. we have a problem now reported, dave and pam. they approached the san mateo bridge. let me show you on this approach, westbound 92 at claw wood road, there is a crash reported. now the traffic on the way to the san mateo bridge hadn't been bad, but suddenly it is backed up all the way out to highway 880. 880 is slowing down. if you approached the san mateo bridge, there is that injury crash and apparently someone trapped inside one of the vehicles, which is very unfortunate for the person
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injured and the commute. let's look at westbound 80. we told you about that accident last time in the carpool lane and moved it to the parking lot. you see the paramedics there. traffic slow at the bay bridge toll plaza. i want to mention that traffic is busy on highway 4 this morning, very slow, pretty much solid through pittsburgh and bay point getting up to the willow pass grade. now 6:19, let's go to steve at the weather center. >> thank you, sal. good morning, everybody. a lot of high clouds over us, cloudy to mostly cloudy, mild morning because of the cloud r cloud cover. not only that -- because of the cloud cover. one day we warm up, next day we cool down. high clouds clear early morning, late afternoon, then mostly cloudy to mostly sunny and temperatures warm up coast, bay and inland. looks like another flirting with the 90s after these clouds clear. starting off much warmer through the cloud cover and there is not much of a breeze. always a few pockets where there is. 50s, 60s instead of the 40s and
6:20 am
50s yet. 58, 59 bodega bay and san francisco bu oshs y. 64 half-moon bay holding stead. 51 in arcada, ukiah. monterey 58. 62 in sacramento. 34 at truckee airport. cloudy to mostly cloudy this morning. clouds coming up from the west, southwest, but they are painting a little twist from yesterday. today split the difference. partly sunny to nice to mild to hot. we kind of leveled off and warmer yesterday. continue that today and tomorrow. no records or anything like that, but the days are a little shorter. nights are longer. that does help. no doubt about it. without a strong north or northeast winds, highs don't sit there long. still warm to hot friday, cooler saturday, fog on the move, much cooler pattern sunday, monday.
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>> thank you, steve. it is 6:20. take you back out to the nation's capitol because of course that is very active scene right now. you can see the live picture, pope francis meeting with the speak of the house, john baynor. he's now inside. pope francis will be the first pope to ever address a joint session of congress. tens of thousands gathered outside the capitol watching that address on the giant screens. wore we're going to be watch -- we're going to be watching it as well in our newsroom and going to bring you parts of it live. also live streaming it on and going -- dipping in to washington, d.c. throughout the morning, just showing you what's happening. again, the pope is meeting with house speaker there. still ahead, one of the closed down lounge locations may be getting a new life. the los angeles based restaurant chain is looking at a branch of
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the former popular bakery. new concerns this morning surrounding crashes where drivers are mistaking the gas pedal for the brake. up next the new technology that could help save lives.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. live in washington, d.c. and this is the scene as the camera pans around, crowd waiting for the pope. outside the capitol right now, cameras looking at various people thu the audience. moments ago we you live pictures. pope francis will be the first pope ever to address a joint session of congress. live report from washington is coming up in just a couple minutes. stay tuned. >> thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2. >> i'm pam cook.
6:29 am
thank you for joining us. looks like nice weather for everybody in the capitol. >> looks nice there. a few clouds here. beautiful sunrise. do we have a picture of that? a nice, warmer morning for some of us. there we go. thank you, control room. thank you. thank you. thank you. >> mostly cloudy in the morning. pretty picture there had. p get your cameras, phones out. we had some from sunset last night. mostly cloudy, then mostly sunny this afternoon. 50s, 60s for many instead of 40s and 50s. offshore oakland, west southwest concord, west southwest north. variable, but hints of a northerly direction. partly sunny, partly cloudy here. nice for some, hot for others. here we go again. not record setting territory, not the 100s, but briefly 90s,
6:30 am
70s and 80s by the bay. san mateo bridge, sal? >> it's not good. we're going to go to the maps to show you what's going on. highway 92, going away from the nimitz, it's blocking at least one lane here, serious injuries involved. traffic is very slow in this area on westbound 92 as you drive through the area. southbound 880 is slow, people driving to 92 are noticing it's slow. give yourself extra time. may strongly consider use is the dunn barton bridge or the bay bridge. let's go to the bay bridge. 25 to 30 minute delay there, no problems but it is a normal
6:31 am
commute. already a little action here up to highway 17 and it ways that way to the west valley. pope francis due to make history this morning in washington, d.c. with the first address ever by a pope to a joint session of congress. we've been showing you lots of pictures, these are live pictures here, people in the audience waiting. there are thousands, tens of thousands of people waving at themselves on the big jumbo tron out there. they can see themselves there and that's what they're waving at. the speech will be broadcast on the jumbo tronz and these folks are hoping to catch a glimpse of the pope himself. inside the building, the house chamber is packed. lawmakers, cabinet members, members of the supreme court and many guests. ktvu tara moriarty joining us live now. you're in washington and the pope's speech is set to begin in
6:32 am
about 30 minutes. good morning. >> good morning. that's right. capitol lawn is packed. the streets are all blocked off and there is so much excitement in the air to see the pope once again. we know that they have turned out in droves this morning and about a half an hour ago, the pope left the vatican emasbby. he was whisked off in had his fiat and has arrived at the capitol to make speech to joint session of congress. yesterday at the con onzation mass, we -- canonization mass, we ran into jackie spear who had this to say. >> he's bringing catholics back to the faith who have lost a sense of hope that it would be part of the 21st century and this pope has just invigorated catholics and americans throughout the country. >> the pope again arriving at
6:33 am
the capitol about 15 minutes ago and no one knows exactly what he's expected to talk about before the house and senate. we know that climate change is close to his heart and he will be addressing the un about that later in new york. income equality is another topic he may touch upon and merg's role in changing that. yesterday we saw the ith girl, daughter of immigrants popped out of the crowd at the parade, carried to the pope, hugged him, gave him a drawing and t-shirt. she's expected to be at capitol hill today as well and you can bet immigration will be a subyekt he'll bring up. after the capitol, he's expected to go to st. patrick's and after that having lunch. i think we mentioned this a couple times, instead of choosing to dine with lawmakers, he'll dine with the homeless as part of catholic charities. at 4 p.m., he'll be back at andrews air force base again for
6:34 am
the next leg of his journey. >> tara, thank you. very busy today. among the people invited today, a south bay homeless advocate and chancellor at the university of san francisco. lawmakers have been reminded be on their best behavior during the pope's visit. a letter was sent out asking them not to touch, not to chat with, don't shake hands or or try to get a photo with the pope as he walks down the aisle. each party also putting together a team of 50 lawmakers to block colleagues who may try to break the rules. those buffers will be filling seats on each side of the aisle. group of catholics here in california say pope francis made their dream come through.
6:35 am
in a lavish ceremony yesterday, pope granted saint hood to junipero serra, founder of california mission system. 18th century mission credited with spreading christianity across california. despite strong opposition from in some native americans, catholics cam pained for this for years. on a big jumbo tron, hundreds watched it from the caramel mission, one of the nine missions founded by father serra and where he is buried. the courtyard erupted with [ applause ] when pope francis bestowed the highest honor, saint hood. >> for so many years we've been waiting for this. it's a great feeling that this has happened finally. >> there was a group of protestors as well. demonstrated during the ceremony by gathering peacefully at the
6:36 am
mission cemetery. native americans prayed for ancestors, say father serra was more of a sinner than saint. accuse him of in humane treatment of native americans and forcing them into ka thol siz i am. the effort is underway to fully contain the destructive valley fire that destroyed 1,900 structures. alex savidge here in the studio to talk about the symbolic step that's happening today for families who lost everything in the fire. alex. >> good morning to you, pam. evacuation center for those forced from homes by the valley fire set to close a few hours from now, at 10:00 this morning. it was the big set up in the calastoga fairgrounds. evacuees set up tents, many brought rvs. it was a small city at height, feeding about 1,000 people every day. eventually as orders began to be lifted, many people headed home to the middletown area.
6:37 am
others now are seeking help at various shelters that are still open in lake county, including one in the middletown area that is open now at the twin pines casino. head of fema toured the fire zone yesterday and promised federal aid for uninsured homeowners who burned down. after the president issued disaster declaration earlier this week, there will now be temporary housing assistance, rental assistance and low cost loans for small businesses. for so many people, the recovery process is only just begin. >> we lost everything, so we need to entirely start off and apply for everything we can help wise. >> crews looking for a man still missing. 61-year-old robert litchman hasn't been seen since the fire broke out 12 days ago. had no transportation, but refused to evacuate home in
6:38 am
lower lake. so far four people found dead in the rubble of this fast-moving car. cal fire estimates the flames charred 76,000 acres. crews are still busy trying to build a line around the entire burn area, right now fire 82% contained. this may be hard to believe, but still after all this time, there is one evacuation still in place for the community of anderson spring, which was hit hard by this fire. pam, it will be finally lifted later on today. at 5:00. so those folks there can finally go home. amazing. >> not much left, though. >> no. i was in. that community is absolutely decimated by this fire. most of the homes gone. heavily forested community up in the mountains and just got wiped out. >> heartbreaking because we talk about -- you've seen it firsthand. not just one home or neighborhood, the businesses, whole community just gone. >> yeah. the overall recovery is going to
6:39 am
be difficult for individuals and as a community to rebuild who was middletown and the rur -- what was middle down and surroundings area is -- middle down and surrounding areas is going to take a long, long time. 6:38. san francisco zoo doing something special for youngest victims of the valley fire today. 11:00 this morning, the zoo hosting special day of activities for 50 children who were affected by the fire. they're going to tour the facility, get to check out all of the exhibits for a special day. los angeles based restaurant chain looking to open in san francisco and reportedly eyeing one former lounge location. starbucks decided to close the bakeries over the summer. san francisco business times reports fast-casual chain lemonade, fast growing currently in talks to take over former
6:40 am
lava lounge. former ceo confirmed it, but not any final decisions. i have not heard of lemonade. >> me either. bay area students will actually see the pope in person. coming up in 20 minutes, how they're getting a chance to be part of this once in a lifetime opportunity. tech giant completed new headquarters in san jose. we'll show you what samsung's big campus looks like and why city leaders say it's a sign of things to come. if you're trying to get to the san mateo bridge, don't let this picture fool you. it looks like here, because a lot of people aren't getting to the bridge at a fast rate because of an injury crash. we'll tell you more coming up. red sky in the morning, although it's not going to lead to any rain. beautiful sunrise. we'll talk about the clouds and what's in store for the thursday temps.
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. welcome back to mornings on 2. 6:43. taken two years, but the new samsung headquarters celebrating grand opening. it's helping to recruit new employees because all of the offers to the samsung workforce. ktvu's janine joins us in san jose to tell us what makes this place so special. >> we're here in front of
6:44 am
samsung's new headquarters for electronics division, right at the corner first street. it's ten stories, 1.1 million square feet. there is ladders and work materials inside, some work to be done, but for the most part, this campus is complete. the new campus houses 700 employees who work in research and development, designing the latest smartphones and television sets, but sales and marketing are also here so the different groups could collaborate. samsung built campus with long term growth in mind. cafeteria serving breakfast, luvenlg ask dinner, gym and chill zones. housing projects are springing up near here, but there is still a need for more retail like
6:45 am
restaurants and grocery stores. the area is growing and it's a goal of the city to make san jose an area where you can live, work, and play. back out here live you can see tents set up and a stage and that's for the ceremony taking place at 1 this afternoon. ceo and mayor will be speaking and we'll get a sneak peak later this morning and we're going to bring that to you in the 9:00 hour. 6:45. let's check with and see what's coming up in the next hour. >> there is a breakfast, lunch, dinner in the cafeteria, chill room. >> we have a free coffee machine here and it's incredible, but that's it. coming up when i join you for the next hour, new public park that's planned for san francisco, what's called a leather themed plaza planned for south of market.
6:46 am
we'll tell you how it's honoring specific community and why everyone is welcome. one couple in new york sees the pope's visit as a sign that their upcoming wedding was meant to be. how the pope's parade is throwing a major wrench in their plans and how they may walk away with the most amazing reception pictures ever. i'll see you in a few from mornings on 2 pam and dave. >> thank you. . taking you to live pictures from washington to see what she's talking about. look at this crowd outside the u.s. capitol, live picture. what a nice, broad picture for the people waiting for the pope to address congress, make history. first time a pope has done it. tens of thousands of people waiting and watching on giant screens, at least they will be. the house chamber and the capitol filled with lawmakers and guests waiting for the historic first speech by a pope. and we'll be streaming it live
6:47 am
for you so you won't have to miss any of it. we'll be checking back with you here for mornings on 2. >> and we'll have reports through the day and this evening as well, right, sal? we're all over it. >> absolutely. i haven't seen interest like this for someone for a long time. traffic a very slow. and we're looking at the san mateo bridge a proef. very serious injury accident blocking the two left lanes. if you're driving from 880, it also is very slow. this is beginning to affect the nimitz freeway south into hayward. pretty soon will be backed up into oakland. don't use the san mateo bridge because of the huge delays. again, it's beginning to affect highway 92 and 880. moving along and taking a look at westbound bay bridge, that's a beautiful sunrise there.
6:48 am
nice picture you painted there, steve. very nice. westbound 80, 20, 25 minute day. highway 24 getting into the act with slow traffic and also 680 from pleasant hill to walnut interchange. no trouble on bart. no delays reported now. 6:48. let's go to steve. >> that was a picture i did earlier. i have a better one here. >> you're very talented. >> almost a bob ross. there you go. look at that. out towards antioch, higher clouds. put a little tree and in that tree we'll put a bird and then up here a cloud. jim, pamela blood red sky at
6:49 am
sfyh. >> santa fe yacht harbor. >> yes. >> we were just talking about red sky morning, sailors take warning. >> we have higher clouds for the morning and the lows are up, up, up, a good ten degrees for some, mainly 5 to 7. warm air started to move in. 50s, 60s, livermore 10 to 20 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. a little offshore breeze, not much, offshore, onshore, north, so variable, not that strong, less than 10. cloudy to mostly cloudy, beautiful sunrise, by this afternoon, back edge to the clouds. by late morning, early afternoon, we'll start to see more sunshine, warmer temps, tomorrow warm to hot and this sis the temp begins to topple over, bumps the bridge out of the way and cools down as we
6:50 am
head into the weekend. high clouds, 90s inland for some. yes. again, fall is in the air, they don't last as long. and without an offshore breeze, they don't stay in. 80s for many around the bay. 90s -- again a lot may be cloud dependent, but out of here soon enough. 60s, 70s, and 80s at the coast warm to hot friday. cooling down for the weekend. >> i like how you're painting the sky. >> i ducked outside. the air is hanging. >> no breeze? >> no breeze. >> it's quiet. >> i love viewers who listen and give us information. reya said lemonade is a fancy cafeteria where you grab and go healthy, good food. they're the ones who might be moving into the lava lounge.
6:51 am
thank you. >> i did not know that. >> but now i'm hungry because i just looked at the picture. >> now it's 6:50. next time you take a selfie, look around you. coming up in 20 minutes, why some say snapping photos of yourself can result in more deaths than shark attacks. court ruling over copycat versions of the batmobile gives batman one less thing to worry about. is sure, tv has evolved over the years. it's gotten squarer.
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. time 6:53. the number of people who's fingerprints were stolen in a breach of federal files rocketed from 1 million to 5.6 million. defense department found out after reviewing the breech. social security numbers were stolen, that includes people who applied for security clearances and families. the country of australia may block singer chris brown from entering into country to perform. he has four austrailian shows in december schedule. ministry for women is going to recommend that immigration refuse to let him in. let him in with a visa on character grounds. back in 2009 chris brown pled
6:55 am
guilty to assaulting rhianna at the time. britain, canada and new zealand have also refused to give him a visa. lawsuit over a shooting at one of his concerts in san jose is another problem. batmobile protected by copy right. circuit court of appeals upheld a lower court ruling that went ahead a southern california mechanic who made replica bat moeblz before being sued by dc comics. it was found he infringed on the copy right. attorney filed an appeal saying 140 different versions of the batmobile have been made. critics of the golden state warriors plans to build a new arena released a new letter saying the arena is a threat to their neighborhood. the warriors want to build arena
6:56 am
across the street from uc san francisco. doctors, nurses, and ucsf donors oppose the idea, saying events at the arena could create traffic that could even danger people who need to get to the hospital. critics are asking mayor ed lee to reconsider that arena plan. most city leaders, though, support the arena. santa clara a man living proof that it is never too late to go for the gold. last sunday, don pell man set five world records in the san diego. that's him in the orange shirt in the far right, oldest athlete to compete. he set new world records in five events, 100-meter, discuss, shot put, high jump and long jump. he says his secret is pretty easy. >> brisk walk and jogging is
6:57 am
pretty easy. keep active. that's the main thing. >> he's been competing in the senior olympics since he was 70 years old. he has 895 medals and only five of them are not gold. in japan, a 105-year-old runner broke his own world record on the track. day after his birthday, the athlete says new record of 42.2 for the 100-meter fell short. he says he ran it in 36 seconds while training. he's known as golden boltment bolt runs 100 in less than ten seconds, but he's not 105 years old. >> love it. time is 6:57. pope is about to address united states congress. he'll make u.s. history as the first pope to do it. we're live there. there is secretary of state john kerry. we'll take you back to washington, d.c. where the pope's highly anticipated speech
6:58 am
is expected to start any minute now. as we look at the east bay, 880 looks good. driving to hayward, 880 does not look good because of a problem approaching the san mateo bridge. more about that coming up. lots of high clouds and beautiful sunrise on this thursday. temperatures warming up. looks like it. we'll show you how much and for how long coming up.
6:59 am
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pope francis is at the u.s. capitol this morning about to deliver an historic address to a joint session of congress. we'll have the latest from inside and outside of the capitol as "mornings on 2" continues. 7:00 on this thursday morning. good morning. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> i'm dave clark. pope francis is expected to arrive at the house chamber any minute now. the scene is reminiscent of the state of the union address. tara moriarty is following the pope's visit and the speech. tara is live in washington with a preview of what


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